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In the far north of Norway lie the islands of the Lofoten and Vesterålen archipelagos with their jagged peaks rising out of the roaring seas. Each winter, millions of spawning cod find their way here in order to breed. Over the centuries, this phenomenon has given rise to some of Norway’s most traditional fisheries and ways of catching and preserving fish.

The story of the stockfish is the story of these champion swimmers who come every year from the Barents Sea for their pilgrimage of love.

After having spent their lives in the cold and clean waters of the northern seas, the fish are caught and hung on the racks while still very fresh. Here they collect the warmth brought by the rays of the spring arctic sun and slowly dry in Lofoten’s salty sea winds.

The result is a concentrated and unique flavour of the roaring northern seas, produced and refined by nature itself.

The company Myre Fiskemottak has established itself as a professional and humble user of the unique fish resources of this part of Norway.

With dignity and respect for the raw materials and history, the company strives each day to pack the beauty and purity of the north into its products. In terms of aesthetics and taste, this is an exceptional basis for distribution of world class seafood.

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